Your Benefit

INNOPLEX is a unique solution that offers your organization many advantages:

With INNOPLEX you can evaluate your individual situation

Your company and your employees are unique. They have the ability and the potential to innovate. However, this potential can be influenced by a range of disruptive factors. Our approach provides you with a thorough understanding of your individual situation and the benefits that can be derived from it.

INNOPLEX helps you to recover from a setback

Most innovation processes are as individual as the organization in which they are implemented. However, all these processes may underlie unexpected disturbances. INNOPLEX helps businesses to identify disruptive factors as early as possible and to apply appropriate countermeasures. We support you to change things where this is appropriate to the circumstances. You and your employees have a strong understanding of every aspect of your business. We verify this understanding and develop a viable course of action that helps you introduce a robust innovation management.

Set your priorities with INNOPLEX

During the workshop we will endeavour to make clear that the provision of an optimum environment encouraging creativity and innovation is important for employees. With a few simple steps much can be done to improve an innovation process. The INNOPLEX approach shows you which parts of the organization should undergo a slight but rapid change. This helps you reach maximum innovation success and use your resources economically and effectively.

Innovation Management in SMEs

Pumacy is an accredited partner of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for the programme INNOVATIONSMANAGEMENT. The programme aims to support innovation management in commercial small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with up to 100 employees as well as handicraft businesses in the New Länder, Berlin and in several other model regions in Germany. The programme is not focused on any particular technology, product or industry.


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