The success of research and development programmes is measured by the marketability of the outcome. INNOPLEX aims to encourage the innovation management in your organization and helps you make the most of your ideas.

INNOPLEX is the systematic approach to implementing a robust innovation management within your organization. With INNOPLEX you assess your individual requirements, identify your innovation potential and create an action plan with viable innovation activities for your organization.

INNOPLEX helps you to measure your current innovation capacity and create a robust innovation strategy based on the analysis of success factors as well as of possible disruptive factors of the innovation process.  The key aspect of INNOPLEX is not to implement a whole new innovation process, but to identify the most significant barriers to further improvement and to turn these barriers into success factors.

A unique business idea requires groundbreaking solutions. If you decide that INNOPLEX is the right option to your problem, we will work together with you to create a solution that meets your needs.

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